Kool Coat Cotton Combo Spring/Summer Turnout Rug

Upon request, I have undertaken a review of the Kool Coat Cotton Combo Spring/Summer Turnout Rug. The first thing of note is this product appears to be more generous in size compared to the WeatherBeeta summer rug. Amira is normally a 6’6, however, in this rug the 6’6 was to big and came up over her ears, requiring a reduction in size to a 6’3. You will see from the photographs depicted that both Amira and Bailey have plenty of room to move. The rug features large shoulder gussets to assist with full range of movement and they now feature the touch tape for the tail bag attachment. The rugs have worn well, both horses have had these rugs on for around three weeks now, you will see that Amira’s has stood the test of time against Bailey pretty well with only one rip to the left hand side. I would like to see this rug incorporate the wither relief pad, to help reduce rubbing and pressure to the wither area. Overall, good rug, these are worn in conjunction with their winter rugs and we have not had any issues in relation to heat with both rugs on during the colder days and of night. Both rugs were purchased from Horseland Maitland for $99.99. I would highly recommend this rug to other users.

They feature:
Durable PVC chest strap
Made with a strong 270g polyester & cotton blend ripstop outer
Nylon lined shoulders to help prevent rubbing
Large shoulder gussets for greater range of natural movement
Large tail flap for greater protection from dust, insects and sun
Removable and adjustable webbing leg straps
Contrast trim – Amira’s is a burgundy trim – Bailey’s is a cream trim

Handy tip: We purchased the baby/toddler car seatbelt strap protectors from the baby section of Big W, they are the perfect size to cover the PVC chest strap and reduce rubbing to the chest area. We use these on any rug with the PVC chest strap, regardless of brand.

WeatherBeeta Summer Sheet Combo

WeatherBeeta Summer Sheet Combo – Bright Spots for Amira in a 6’6 and Lavender Check for Bailey in a 6’6, both purchased from Horseland at Maitland. We love these rugs, not only are they bright and colourful, they are our go to rugs for change of season, particularly at the moment with the cooler weather; they provide great comfort, protection and warmth on the cool days and provide just that extra bit of warmth at night under the WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium. The rugs are durable, longwearing, well fitting and generous in size, providing the optimal protection and comfort. I find the belly straps are fantastic for securing the rug in place under the medium combo. The full tail flap with the touch tape for the tail bag attachment is beneficial, providing that extra protection from the elements, and rubbing. As you will see from the photographs below, the neck and shoulder gussets are very generous in size and to allow complete range of movement and reduce rubbing. The close up of Amira shows off her beautiful coat, thanks to the protection of rugging. The only negative, which I have found common to all summer rugs, regardless of brand is the PVC chest strap, in particular with Bailey, the PVC chest strap rub on him. Handy tip: We purchased the baby/toddler car seatbelt strap protectors from the baby section of Big W, they are the perfect size to cover the PVC chest strap and reduce rubbing to the chest area. We use these on all rugs with the PVC chest strap, regardless of brand. Bailey also has a Cant-A Bib (purchased form Horseland Maitland). The one depicted below is a cotton drill, stain lined, with foam filling at the shoulder and wither. Unlike other bibs, this one has the chest strap fitting lower on the bib, leaving no room for the chest strap to touch the horse.

They feature:
*360g polyester outer with 60% cotton content
*The exclusive WeatherBeeta freestyle wither relief pad to reduce rubbing and pressure within the wither area
*Shaped back panel to better fit the curve of the horses back
*Freestyle full tail flap with touch tape for tail bag attachment, to give your horse better protection from sun and insects
*Adjustable surcingles and removable leg straps
*Durable PVC chest strap
*Freestyle shoulder gussets to allow complete range of movement and reduce rubbing


The WeatherBeeta Deluxe Travel Boots provide great protection for our big Thoroughbred Bailey upon transportation. They have 1200 Denier outer for protection, which is very durable and strong, with dense foam inner and nylon lining for comfort and support. The deluxe boots have extra length for combined knee and hock protection with PVC strike pads around the bottom and additional strike pad on hock point for that extra protection. They are easy and hassle free to fit, simply put them in place and fasten the three large touch tape closures, and they look great, very sleek and stylish in the black.

Easy to clean and maintain, after use we simply give them a bush off to remove any loose dirt or particles, then give them a wipe down with warm soapy water. Allow them to dry completely, and then repack in the convenient hanging storage bag for the next use. Overall, very impressed, we would highly recommend this product to others.

Rug review – WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1680D

WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1680D Detach-a-Neck Heavy – is the ultimate winter rug, it is waterproof, breathable and highly durable with 1680 denier ballistic nylon outer with Teflon coating. This rug is the optimal in comfort and practicality, it is easy fitting with the quick clip front closure, which is convenient, and adjustable, the neck straps are the velcro with the protective flap cover, they are well fitting and generous in size. The shoulder gussets allow for complete range of movement. The wither area is padded allowing for extra comfort and helps reduce rubbing and pressure in the wither. Depending on what batch you purchase, the polar fleece neck is a versatile detachable style, the polar fleece has a gathered neck which stops any water running down their neck, providing greater protection from the weather. The rug does not appear to retain water in the rain, meaning it does not get heavy on the horse, it is easily cleaned by either wiping it down, or a machine wash and air dry.
If your horse feels the cold, this is definitely the winter rug for you. We originally had two of these rugs, one for each horse, however, Amira out grew hers and she now fits Bailey’s. This is an absolutely amazing rug, top of the line for winter, however, you have to have the horse for it. Amira really feels the cold, she will start to shake to the point of trembling if the weather is cold or if she gets wet and this rug is very well suited to her. Bailey on the other hand normally runs on the warm side and we find this rug is far heavy for him, on the coldest of days, even without the thermal underlay, he is just covered in sweat. The WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium is sufficient enough to meet his needs in the cooler months.
They feature:
• Warmth Outer 100g polyfill – Liner 200g polyfill – strength 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon/Teflon coated outer for premium strength and durability
• Waterproof and breathable
• Cupped shoulder dart / forward positioned gusset for easy movement
• Removable snug fit neck, with an elastic upper, ensure no drips run down their neck
• WeatherBeeta exclusive wither relief pad to help reduce rubbing and pressure in the wither area
• Belly wrap adjustable for warmth and protection
• Comfort cuff at the chest for increased comfort
• Easy fitting with the quick clip front closure, which is convenient, and adjustable
• Adjustable webbing leg straps
• Freestyle shoulder gussets to allow complete range of movement and reduce rubbing
• Full wrap freestyle tail flap for ultimate protection and freedom

Ippico – Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set

Review – Ippico (https://www.ippico.com.au) are also based in the beautiful Hunter Valley. We recently purchased a Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set in black, and it was not just the product itself that was outstanding, the service was second to none. I would highly recommend this company to others. They impressed from the first point of contact, following an online inquiry their response was almost immediate, and they were simply a pleasure to deal with. We purchased the Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set online and shortly afterwards, the company made contact with us, advising that they noticed our postal address was also in the Hunter Valley not that far from them, they offered to deliver the product free of charge and refund the postage paid. To be perfectly honest, I have never encountered a company to undertake such measures, and the product was delivered the day after purchase.

The Dolce merino girth cover is made from 100% Australian Sheepskin Fleece. It has a 2cm plush pile that is available in a variety of fleece colours including white, grey, navy, and black, ours is black. It features quality quilting and strong elastic and Velcro, while we have not been required to wash it at this stage, external inquiries detail it to wash and wear extremely well. You will notice from the photographs attached that the sheepskin cover is detachable; it can be washed in cold water with a wool wash liquid, and left to air-dry. The Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set has met our expectations, we were seeking a girth for Bailey, who had become a little girthy and would show signs of obvious discomfort when his girth was tightened. The Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set has overcome those issues Bailey is no longer showing any signs of discomfort. Following use, we simply brush the sheepskin, and air it.

The girth is available in sizes: 55cm, 60cm, 65cm 70cm and 75cm

For more information / or products please contact Ippico at https://www.ippico.com.au



Very popular ‘No Boundaries’ selection is back at Equestrian Stockholm, Sweden; this set in black looks simply divine on Bailey. The saddle pad has super quick dry inner material and shiny dirt repellant outer. The dirt repellant outer really works, being black and shinny, I was initially somewhat concerned that this set would show every little mark, but rest assured it does not, even in a dusty dressage arena, it continues to look amazing. The quick dry inner appears to keep the moisture at bay and it does not appear to retain sweat marks like some other saddle pads can do. The saddle pad details patent and PU leather and a black trim, with twisted black piping, which really complements the patent and PU leather, together with the Equestrian Stockholm logo along the spine and the silver Equestrian Stockholm plaque for that final touch of elegance. The saddle pad has both billet and girth straps that help secure the saddle in place. The matching ear net consists of soft crocheted ear net with elastic cloth, the ears in black, black trim and twisted black piping, with a black patent and PU leather tip containing the silver Equestrian Stockholm plaque sitting on the forehead. Not only is this set absolutely stunning, it is usable, not something that you need to wrap in cotton wool and protect from the elements! We would highly recommend this product, and hope to stock it soon.

Join Up Lesson at Sterntaler Equestrian Services

Amira’s join up lesson at Sterntaler Equestrian Services with Martina Kovacs.
Join up occurs when Amira willingly chooses to be with Martina and walks toward her accepting her leadership and protection, which can be seen in the second video. Amira continues to impress upon us every day, she is a very intelligent and intuitive horse that possesses a incredible presence. Thank you Martina Kovacs.