Ippico – Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set

Review – Ippico (https://www.ippico.com.au) are also based in the beautiful Hunter Valley. We recently purchased a Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set in black, and it was not just the product itself that was outstanding, the service was second to none. I would highly recommend this company to others. They impressed from the first point of contact, following an online inquiry their response was almost immediate, and they were simply a pleasure to deal with. We purchased the Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set online and shortly afterwards, the company made contact with us, advising that they noticed our postal address was also in the Hunter Valley not that far from them, they offered to deliver the product free of charge and refund the postage paid. To be perfectly honest, I have never encountered a company to undertake such measures, and the product was delivered the day after purchase.

The Dolce merino girth cover is made from 100% Australian Sheepskin Fleece. It has a 2cm plush pile that is available in a variety of fleece colours including white, grey, navy, and black, ours is black. It features quality quilting and strong elastic and Velcro, while we have not been required to wash it at this stage, external inquiries detail it to wash and wear extremely well. You will notice from the photographs attached that the sheepskin cover is detachable; it can be washed in cold water with a wool wash liquid, and left to air-dry. The Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set has met our expectations, we were seeking a girth for Bailey, who had become a little girthy and would show signs of obvious discomfort when his girth was tightened. The Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set has overcome those issues Bailey is no longer showing any signs of discomfort. Following use, we simply brush the sheepskin, and air it.

The girth is available in sizes: 55cm, 60cm, 65cm 70cm and 75cm

For more information / or products please contact Ippico at https://www.ippico.com.au




Very popular ‘No Boundaries’ selection is back at Equestrian Stockholm, Sweden; this set in black looks simply divine on Bailey. The saddle pad has super quick dry inner material and shiny dirt repellant outer. The dirt repellant outer really works, being black and shinny, I was initially somewhat concerned that this set would show every little mark, but rest assured it does not, even in a dusty dressage arena, it continues to look amazing. The quick dry inner appears to keep the moisture at bay and it does not appear to retain sweat marks like some other saddle pads can do. The saddle pad details patent and PU leather and a black trim, with twisted black piping, which really complements the patent and PU leather, together with the Equestrian Stockholm logo along the spine and the silver Equestrian Stockholm plaque for that final touch of elegance. The saddle pad has both billet and girth straps that help secure the saddle in place. The matching ear net consists of soft crocheted ear net with elastic cloth, the ears in black, black trim and twisted black piping, with a black patent and PU leather tip containing the silver Equestrian Stockholm plaque sitting on the forehead. Not only is this set absolutely stunning, it is usable, not something that you need to wrap in cotton wool and protect from the elements! We would highly recommend this product, and hope to stock it soon.


Join Up Lesson at Sterntaler Equestrian Services

Amira’s join up lesson at Sterntaler Equestrian Services with Martina Kovacs.
Join up occurs when Amira willingly chooses to be with Martina and walks toward her accepting her leadership and protection, which can be seen in the second video. Amira continues to impress upon us every day, she is a very intelligent and intuitive horse that possesses a incredible presence. Thank you Martina Kovacs.




The Equestrian Stockholm brand is one of our favourites, this amazing emerald green saddle pad and ear net set always turns heads and receives praising comments whenever worn on Bailey, our stunning Chestnut Thoroughbred. The quality and craftsmanship is simply outstanding. Both products wear well; the saddle pad has super quick dry inner material and shiny dirt repellant outer material. The saddle pad is finished with the Equestrian Stockholm logo along the spine, together with the silver Equestrian Stockholm plaque, a royal blue trim, with twisted silver and royal blue piping, which really complement and bring the rich emerald green to life. The saddle pad has both billet and girth straps that help secure the saddle  pad in place. The matching ear net consists of soft crocheted ear net with elastic cloth by the ears in a deep royal blue, to match the trimming of the saddle pad. It is finished with the same twisted silver and royal blue piping, with an emerald green tip containing the silver Equestrian Stockholm plaque sitting on the forehead. Simply stunning!

Purchased via Equestrian Stockholm, Sweden.


Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty Ltd

There is graphic content to the photographs attached.

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that I am not affiliated with Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty Ltd, and stand to gain no benefit for this review; this is simply a user review on an amazing product.

Upon purchasing our first horse Amira on 25 April 2015, I reviewed a number of livestock insurance providers seeking insurance cover for her. Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty Ltd was a provider that was recommended to me and upon review, it provided comprehensive cover that could be tailored to suit my needs, so I purchased Logan Livestock Insurance protection for her. The cover purchased included (god forbid) death and disposal, death cover, and vet fees up to a specified amount. Subsequently, with the purchase of Bailey, the same insurance protection was purchased.

Unfortunately, in January 2016 Amira sustained a cut injury to her rear right leg during the floods (in the Hunter Valley). Fortunately, for me, Logan Insurance Agency were only to happy to assist me with the processing of a claim, they were very easy to deal with and provided me with all of the appropriate claim information, together with a clear explanation of the process, walking me through every aspect of the claim. My assigned claim agent genuinely cared about Amira, her progress and recovery, she maintained telephone contact with me throughout the claim period. We continued to battle with this injury for just over twelve months, as seemingly at three monthly intervals, just when the injury appeared to have nearly completely healed over, the injury site would swell and bust open. Despite the very best of treatment and care, this occurred on three separate occasions and it required a veterinarian consult, surgical procedure and treatment on each occasion. Throughout this period I relied heavily on the professional advice and recommendations of our treating veterinarian Peter Tabak, of Hunter River Veterinary Services and the owner/operator of Sterntaler Equestrian Services, Martina Kovacs. The third and final time it busted open, Peter undertook X-Rays of the area, trying to ascertain if there was something more sinister going on with the injury that was not viewable to the naked eye, or whether Amira was simply playing rough with the other foals. The X-Ray’s detected slight discolouration of the bone at the injury site, Amira was treated with high-level antibiotics, vitamins and supplements, together with continued strapping and restricted movement confined in a holding yard. Eight weeks later the X-Ray process was repeated, and (thank god) Amira received the all clear. The repeated injury was put down to her and rough play. Great news is since this time, she has been agisted in a private paddock with Bailey, she is no longer free to run galloping and bucking at her will throughout a 12 acre paddock with the other yearling’s her age.

The injury to Amira at such a young age was very traumatic; not knowing what to do and how to best treat it was stressful, to say the least. Financially, Logan Insurance Agency made the process easy, I submitted the required injury and progress reports, together with invoices for treatment and receipts for any treatment items purchased, less the $250 excess Logan Insurance paid the claim almost immediately, without question. Our veterinarian Peter Tabak provided treatment, consultation and sound advice as to different treatment options available, and Martina Kovacs provided her never ending advice, support and assistance with treatment and care, together with a friendly ear and a rational voice of reason, at times when I was somewhat distraught. I cannot express enough praise, or thanks, for the ongoing care, support and friendship during this period.

Today, the lingering marks/scar from the injury are still visible, however, with each passing day it is becoming smaller and less noticeable.

On a positive note, due to the injury, Amira has received far more handling then she otherwise would have and for a large unbroken, two year old warmblood, she is handled daily, without issue or concern. She is rugged, unrugged, haltered, lead and groomed without issue, she has a wonderful temperament and a love of people.

There is graphic content to the photographs attached.


Update to post of 4 May 2017 – WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium

Update to post of 4 May 2017 – WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium – with the change in the weather, our lovelies, Amira and Bailey have transitioned into their WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Mediums on 13 May 2017. As detailed in the original post, they are an amazing well-fitted rug and the cupped shoulder dart and forward positioned gusset allows for easy movement. Amira’s new rug has the quick clip front closure, which is convenient, and adjustable, and while the other features remain the same as her last rug, the durability of this rug has been a little disappointing. It had its first rip on day two of wear and the second rip by day three. Whereas her last rug, the WeatherBeeta 1200 COMBO in the burgundy lasted the whole season, with one little rip to the side, it appeared to be more durable. Both Amira and Bailey are currently wearing a Kool Coat Cotton Combo Neck II Cream/Burgundy summer rug, purchased from Horseland Maitland for $99.99 (review to follow), with the WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium. On warmer days the Combo Medium is removed, however, on the cooler days, we have found them to remain at a comfortable temperature.

The moment Bailey had his rug on he decided to find some dirt/mud to roll in….


WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium

WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium – again amazing rug, we have currently have two of these. Although due to her rapid growth Amira has had three, 5’9 to 6’6. The neck straps are velcro with the protective flap cover; they are well fitting and generous in size and keep the horses quite comfortable in the cold winter months. They do not appear to absorb the water when it rains, nor do they get heavy. The durability is amazing; Amira’s rug survived last season without any rips, however, due to her rapid growth, that rug was on sold. The negative, having used the WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1200D Combo Lite and the WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1680D Detach-a-Neck Heavy, is the chest straps on this rug. I find the buckle strap is a little inconvenient. I would love to see this rug with the quick clip front closure, which is quick, convenient, and adjustable. We have just purchased Amira her third WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium in 6’6 and this time she got the lovely blue and pink breast cancer rug and with part of the purchase price going to the breast cancer council, how could we resist? The great news is this rug has the quick clip front closure, which is convenient, and adjustable. Although, it is not cold enough for them yet, our horses are still in the WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1200D Combo Lite.

They feature:

  • Warmth 220g polyfill – strength 1200 Denier triple weave / repel sheet for premium strength and durability
  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Cupped shoulder dart / forward positioned gusset for easy movement
  • WeatherBeeta exclusive wither relief pad to help reduce rubbing & pressure in the wither area
  • Chest strap with buckle
  • Adjustable webbing leg straps
  • Freestyle shoulder gussets to allow complete range of movement and reduce rubbing
  • Large tail flap for ultimate protection & freedom