Review – White Healer, by Ranvet

On 23 August 2017 I published a post for day three of Health Week at Horseland Maitland, it was on this day that I was introduced to Neely Hopkins from Ranvet, Neely specialises in animal health and nutrition technical support, not only was I able to discuss the injury to Amira and her treatment and set backs to date, I was physically able to show Neely photographs and discuss my concerns, as this scar appears to become somewhat dry and flaky intermittently and I was wanting to stop the injury site from drying out, while trying to reduce the size of the scar and encourage the hair to grow back in that area. Neely was able to recommend a product that will achieve the results I am seeking.

I have been treating Amira’s leg with the white healer, cleaning the site intermittently, and re-applying the white healer. It must be said that I am impressed with the progress thus far. When viewing the photographs below, keep in mind that this injury occurred in the January floods of 2016, the injury site has required surgical intervention on three occasions over the proceeding 12 months. The white healer is thick in consistency and provides good coverage of the scar tissue; it is a smooth, easy to apply zinc based cream made of all natural ingredients. White healer is safe, effective and easy first aid for all skin damage and infections, with no added pharmaceutical drugs, it is noted to have a powerful anti-bacterial and antifungal activity with a strong astringent and germicidal action. I use this product for protect the skin wound whilst simultaneously encouraging the healing process, however, it has an array of other benefits, it can be used to protect a wide variety of wounds and abrasions, it controls infection of skin wounds, controls fungal skin infections and can be used on a wide variety of skin ailments including minor skin wounds, rope burns, greasy heel, rain scald, mud fever and skin irritations associated with girth galls and cracked heels.

There is a visible improvement to Amira’s scar tissue, it is less flaky and scaly, and the hair is starting to grow back in parts throughout the scar. I am hoping this injury will continue to improve over time, with ongoing treatment and conditioning. I would recommend this product to others.

For further information on Ranvet products, please contact Ranvet at / or email

Woof Wear Smart Event Boots

Woof Wear Smart Event Boots for both front and hind. When we commenced cross-country and eventing with Bailey, our 17hh Thoroughbred, we researched jump boots and the protection they offered. We then asked around, speaking to others in relation to what boot they were using and the pro’s and con’s of each brand. A consistent thread of feedback in relation to possible issues with eventing boots was, they slip when wet, retain water and so forth, with a number of people detailing that they needed to tape their boots in order for them to remain in place during an event. For us, taping was simply not an option, not only may it cause injury to the horse and have other significant implications, but it is totally unacceptable to purchase a product only to have to tape it into place. We currently use Woof Wear Brushing Boots when participating in dressage and have found them to be durable and well fitting, they have extra padding on the strike plate yet they are lightweight and long lasting, providing maximum protection from knocks or brushing injuries. Experience/knowledge of product, together with recommendations, we chose to purchase the Woof Wear Smart Eventing Boots and we were not disappointed.

These boots are designed for use in the most advanced, high intensity disciplines – particularly cross country, and providing 360 degree protection to the horse’s legs. Designed with tri-layer tendon and cannon bone protection, with a vented PU shell, D30 impact protection and breathable neoprene lining. The D30 is a patented technology used to create a soft and flexible shock-absorbing barrier featuring unique molecular properties. At rest, its molecules flow freely, but on impact, they lock together to absorb impact energy and reduce the force transmitted. The greater the force of impact, the more the molecules lock together, providing greater the protection for your horse. Featuring a Repel Technology to prevent water absorption, a protective mesh to prevent grit and dirt ingress, and a double lock touch tape closure for a secure fit, they are perfect for cross country. They are easy to fit and did not move, or slip on Bailey even when wet. When we removed the boots, they were damp, but had not retained water. Bailey’s legs were comfortable when removed, they were not hot or cool and there was very limited dirt that managed to get under the boots, even following the water obstacles.

They feature

  • Flexible cannon bone protection made of D30 and neoprene;
  • Triple tendon protection with a PU shell, D30 and neoprene;
  • Double lock closure for a secure fit;
  • Breathable neoprene to keep the legs cool;
  • Vented tendon shell to keep the joints and ligaments cool;
  • Protective mesh around vents which prevents the dirt and grit

Our boots were purchased from Horseland at Maitland for $159.95 for a set of two, for Bailey we purchased a large size for both front and back, the boots are available in small, medium and large.

Black – Set of 2

Also available in hind boots: Woof Wear Smart Hind Event Boot

Size guide:         Front         Hind

13.2hh – 14.1hh         S         S

14.2hh – 15.1hh         S         M

15.2hh – 16.2hh         M         M

16.3hh +         L         L


For more information in relation to Woof Wear smart event boots, or other Woof Wear products, please visit

Review – TuffRock Poultice

On 21 August 2017, I attended Horseland Maitland for day one of Health Week, on that day I meet Steve Hurley from TuffRock Australia, who impressed upon me, with his clear and inspirational vision for the future of his company and the dedication to and knowledge of his products.

During this contact I spoke with Steve in relation to a number of things, one of which was the treatment of rain scald, as Bailey had rain scald on his forehead, just under his forelock and running slightly down his face, that I had been treating his rain scald somewhat unsuccessfully for around four weeks. Steve provided advice in relation to the treatment of the rain scald and information in relation to products to use, advising to wash the rain scald effected area with Betadine antiseptic solution, mixed with water 20/80 then cover the area in TuffRock Poultice, reapplying the Poultice daily for five days. I followed his instruction to the letter, washed it down, applying the Poultice daily. The first thing of interest I noted, was I did not have to follow Bailey around the paddock / or halter him to apply the Poultice, like I did every other day I had treated the condition. It was as if he liked having it applied, maybe it was cooling or soothing, he simply stood there for the duration of the application, daily. After the fifth day I washed the Poultice off with spring water. There was a significant and noticeable improvement, with the inflammation, irritation and rain scald spots significantly reduce, I would not say that it was completely healed, however, the improvement in the condition was noticeable. It maybe the case that the same treatment is required to be repeated in extreme cases. Overall, very happy with the treatment and the progress, I would recommend this to others and as you may know, Poultice can be used to treat many conditions. I have continued to wash down the area and today, less then one week after the removal of the Poultice, the condition is all but completely gone.

For further information on TuffRock Products please contact Steve at


In addition TuffRock has a website dedicated to their dog range

Over the coming weeks I will undertake a comprehensive product review of

*TuffRock K9 JF

Roma Neoprene Bell Boots

These bell boots are made with a soft, durable neoprene material, which provides protection from minor injury and over-reaching. They are adjustable and have a secure touch tape closure. They durable and long lasting and easy care, I simply place them in a wash bag and put them in the washing machine and then allow to air dry.

I highly recommend these bell boots. We have used them not only to protect an injury to the hoof area allowing it to heal, but to protect against injury from over-reaching. We have two pairs of these bell boots, both purchased from Horseland Maitland. Bailey wears them when ridden to protect against injury and knocks, as he has a tendency to over-reach on occasion. Amira has only worn them following two separate injuries to the inside of her leg just above her hoof, in what also appears to be by over-reaching in paddock play. She has had this same type of injury on twice now and I must say on the last occasion, I went through a number of pairs of bell boots prior to finding a pair that suited my needs and still did the job that they were purchased for. The rubber bell boots caused rubbing and irritation to the rear of her hoof near the heel bulbs after just two days wear. I found others moved and were a little ill fitting. Whereas the Roma Neoprene Bell Boots offered protection without the rubbing or irritation and they are a secure, well fitting boot on both of our horses, they are easy to fit, do not slip and appear to stay in place.

Day six of Health Week at Horseland Maitland

Meredith, Sarah, Catherine, Lauren, Sally and the team at Horseland have done a wonderful job this week, the week of Health week, they have been a very hospitable team, with four expert guest speakers in store to offer information pertaining to their products and expertise… and what a wonderful week it has been. Not to mention the many items currently on sale in store, tomorrow is the final day, so be sure to go in and see the team and grab a bargin. Horseland Maitland now have zipPay, buy now pay later, no interest…ever!

Donna from Kelato was in store from 11:00 am today to answer questions and offer advice. I attended to meet Donna and sought advice and information in relation to the Kelato products. Donna was very passionate about the Kelato products, she commenced by telling a very moving story about a brood mare and the physical symptoms of grief, devastation and ailments displayed by the mare following the loss of her foal. Donna’s story was very heartfelt, I could hear the upset in her voice as she spoke of her experience and the significant steps she undertook to assist and treat the mare. Ultimately, the mare suffered with a number of conditions, but predominantly ulcers, she was treated with GastroAid Digestive and on the ninth day, showed mark able signs of recovery and she now continues to be treated with the GastroAid Stabliser. If you ever have the opportunity to meet, or speak with Donna and have five minutes, I would encourage you to ask to hear the story of the mare and foal. Donna was able to provide product information and the benefits of use.

What an excellent week it has been at Horseland Maitland during Health Week! To have four experts come along, provide information on products and services, and to offer their advice so freely. I can only speak for myself when I say that I have found this process to be very beneficial, not only have I had the opportunity to meet amazing, knowledgeable experts in their field, I have had a fundamental opportunity to expand my knowledge base and learn more about some wonderful products available in the market today. The information I have obtained, I would not have, if it had not been for Health Week and the experts in attendance. I have not only already commenced using some products; I will undertake comprehensive reviews in the coming weeks.

For further information on Kelato Products please contact or

Horseland Maitland have had the following experts in store this week:
Steve from TUFFROCK
Neely from RANVET
Donna from KELATO

If you have not been in store, be sure to drop in tomorrow for the last day of Health Week, see the team and pick up a bargin!

Well done to the Team and Horseland Maitland for a job well done!

Photographs both personal and by Horseland Maitland.

Day four of Health Week at Horseland Maitland – Dynavyte

Honestly, I could not speak higher of Meredith, Sarah, Catherine and the team at Horseland Maitland, they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are only too happy to answer questions, provide advice and assist. If they do not have something in store, they will do their best to order, or source the product for you.

Reg Weatherill, Brand Manager for Dynavyte was in store at 4.30 pm today, to answer questions and offer advice on products and services. I attended to meet Reg and find out more about the Dynavyte products. Not being overly familiar with the products upon entry to the store, after speaking with Reg, I left with a better understanding of the products and the benefits of their use. Reg was organized and well set up in the store, the Dynavyte products were set up on display and he had a laptop on playback loop that displayed images of before and after photographs of horses treated with Dynavyte and the results were nothing short of amazing. There was a clear and significant difference depicted in each photograph, not only were the horses clearly in better condition, they had put on weight, filled out, their coats were glossy and shiny, they looked healthy. Reg possessed sound knowledge and information in relation of the products, their manufacture and the scientific studies and resource behind the products. He demonstrated great passion for the brand. He was able to answer questions from other customers in relation to differences in products and provide comprehensive comparisons in relation to brands, detailing not only the way the Dynavyte product works, but why it works.

This week has provided an unique opportunity to attend and speak directly with the health experts on hand, providing not only the chance to find out more about the products, ask questions and seek advice, but an opportunity to speak to the staff behind the brand, get a feel for the companies, their beliefs and commitment to the brand.

For further information on Dynavyte products, please contact
Dynavyte at

Horseland Maitland will have their final expert in store this week with Donna from KELATO attending on Saturday from 11:00

Well done to the Team and Horseland Maitland! If you are seeking Dynavyte products, they are available for purchase from Horseland Maitland.

Day three of Health Week at Horseland Maitland

Sarah, Catherine, Lauren and the team at Horseland Maitland have continued to deliver today, for day three of health week! If you haven’t been in store this week, drop in and say hello to the team, they have some absolutely amazing specials on offer for health week!

Neely Hopkins from Ranvet was in store at 2.30 pm today, to answer questions and offer advice on products and services. I attended to meet Neely and to seek advice and information in relation to the Ranvet products. Neely specialises in animal health and nutrition technical support, she was very approachable, personable and demonstrated sound product knowledge.

Prior to attending the store today my knowledge of the Ranvet products was limited, I was aware of a number of the products as I had used them, however, I was not aware of the scope of products available. You may recall a service review I undertook on 25 May 2017 for Logan Livestock Insurance Agency, in that I reviewed their services following an injury to one of our horses Amira….19 months on from that injury I am still treating the scar to Amira’s hind leg, I found having Neely on hand in store today to be very beneficial, not only was I able to discuss the injury to Amira and her treatment and set backs to date, I was physically able to show Neely photographs and discuss my concerns, as this scar appears to become somewhat dry and flaky intermittently and I am wanting to stop the injury site from drying out, while trying to reduce the size of the scar and encourage the hair to grow back in that area. Neely was able to recommend a product that will achieve the results I am seeking.

If you have not taken the opportunity to attend and speak to one of the health experts, I encourage you to do so, it is a great opportunity to seek advice, discuss concerns, issues or ailments and gain good insight into the products and services offered by companies. I must say I was impressed with the range of products offered by Ranvet.

For further information on Ranvet products, please contact Ranvet at / or email

Over the coming weeks I will document and treat Amira’s scar and undertake a comprehensive product review of

*White Healer

Horseland Maitland will have other experts in this week to answer your health questions, still to come this week are:

Reg from DYNAVYTE will be here Thursday from 4:30

Donna from KELATO will be here Saturday from 11:00

There are great specials in store as well, so go along and see the team! Well done to the Team and Horseland Maitland and thank you once again for your manner and dedication, you make the shopping experience a pleasant one, it is always good to see you all.

Photographs personal and sourced from Horseland Maitland FaceBook.