Review – TuffRock Poultice

On 21 August 2017, I attended Horseland Maitland for day one of Health Week, on that day I meet Steve Hurley from TuffRock Australia, who impressed upon me, with his clear and inspirational vision for the future of his company and the dedication to and knowledge of his products.

During this contact I spoke with Steve in relation to a number of things, one of which was the treatment of rain scald, as Bailey had rain scald on his forehead, just under his forelock and running slightly down his face, that I had been treating his rain scald somewhat unsuccessfully for around four weeks. Steve provided advice in relation to the treatment of the rain scald and information in relation to products to use, advising to wash the rain scald effected area with Betadine antiseptic solution, mixed with water 20/80 then cover the area in TuffRock Poultice, reapplying the Poultice daily for five days. I followed his instruction to the letter, washed it down, applying the Poultice daily. The first thing of interest I noted, was I did not have to follow Bailey around the paddock / or halter him to apply the Poultice, like I did every other day I had treated the condition. It was as if he liked having it applied, maybe it was cooling or soothing, he simply stood there for the duration of the application, daily. After the fifth day I washed the Poultice off with spring water. There was a significant and noticeable improvement, with the inflammation, irritation and rain scald spots significantly reduce, I would not say that it was completely healed, however, the improvement in the condition was noticeable. It maybe the case that the same treatment is required to be repeated in extreme cases. Overall, very happy with the treatment and the progress, I would recommend this to others and as you may know, Poultice can be used to treat many conditions. I have continued to wash down the area and today, less then one week after the removal of the Poultice, the condition is all but completely gone.

For further information on TuffRock Products please contact Steve at


In addition TuffRock has a website dedicated to their dog range

Over the coming weeks I will undertake a comprehensive product review of

*TuffRock K9 JF

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