Roma Neoprene Bell Boots

These bell boots are made with a soft, durable neoprene material, which provides protection from minor injury and over-reaching. They are adjustable and have a secure touch tape closure. They durable and long lasting and easy care, I simply place them in a wash bag and put them in the washing machine and then allow to air dry.

I highly recommend these bell boots. We have used them not only to protect an injury to the hoof area allowing it to heal, but to protect against injury from over-reaching. We have two pairs of these bell boots, both purchased from Horseland Maitland. Bailey wears them when ridden to protect against injury and knocks, as he has a tendency to over-reach on occasion. Amira has only worn them following two separate injuries to the inside of her leg just above her hoof, in what also appears to be by over-reaching in paddock play. She has had this same type of injury on twice now and I must say on the last occasion, I went through a number of pairs of bell boots prior to finding a pair that suited my needs and still did the job that they were purchased for. The rubber bell boots caused rubbing and irritation to the rear of her hoof near the heel bulbs after just two days wear. I found others moved and were a little ill fitting. Whereas the Roma Neoprene Bell Boots offered protection without the rubbing or irritation and they are a secure, well fitting boot on both of our horses, they are easy to fit, do not slip and appear to stay in place.

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