Day six of Health Week at Horseland Maitland

Meredith, Sarah, Catherine, Lauren, Sally and the team at Horseland have done a wonderful job this week, the week of Health week, they have been a very hospitable team, with four expert guest speakers in store to offer information pertaining to their products and expertise… and what a wonderful week it has been. Not to mention the many items currently on sale in store, tomorrow is the final day, so be sure to go in and see the team and grab a bargin. Horseland Maitland now have zipPay, buy now pay later, no interest…ever!

Donna from Kelato was in store from 11:00 am today to answer questions and offer advice. I attended to meet Donna and sought advice and information in relation to the Kelato products. Donna was very passionate about the Kelato products, she commenced by telling a very moving story about a brood mare and the physical symptoms of grief, devastation and ailments displayed by the mare following the loss of her foal. Donna’s story was very heartfelt, I could hear the upset in her voice as she spoke of her experience and the significant steps she undertook to assist and treat the mare. Ultimately, the mare suffered with a number of conditions, but predominantly ulcers, she was treated with GastroAid Digestive and on the ninth day, showed mark able signs of recovery and she now continues to be treated with the GastroAid Stabliser. If you ever have the opportunity to meet, or speak with Donna and have five minutes, I would encourage you to ask to hear the story of the mare and foal. Donna was able to provide product information and the benefits of use.

What an excellent week it has been at Horseland Maitland during Health Week! To have four experts come along, provide information on products and services, and to offer their advice so freely. I can only speak for myself when I say that I have found this process to be very beneficial, not only have I had the opportunity to meet amazing, knowledgeable experts in their field, I have had a fundamental opportunity to expand my knowledge base and learn more about some wonderful products available in the market today. The information I have obtained, I would not have, if it had not been for Health Week and the experts in attendance. I have not only already commenced using some products; I will undertake comprehensive reviews in the coming weeks.

For further information on Kelato Products please contact or

Horseland Maitland have had the following experts in store this week:
Steve from TUFFROCK
Neely from RANVET
Donna from KELATO

If you have not been in store, be sure to drop in tomorrow for the last day of Health Week, see the team and pick up a bargin!

Well done to the Team and Horseland Maitland for a job well done!

Photographs both personal and by Horseland Maitland.

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