Day four of Health Week at Horseland Maitland – Dynavyte

Honestly, I could not speak higher of Meredith, Sarah, Catherine and the team at Horseland Maitland, they possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are only too happy to answer questions, provide advice and assist. If they do not have something in store, they will do their best to order, or source the product for you.

Reg Weatherill, Brand Manager for Dynavyte was in store at 4.30 pm today, to answer questions and offer advice on products and services. I attended to meet Reg and find out more about the Dynavyte products. Not being overly familiar with the products upon entry to the store, after speaking with Reg, I left with a better understanding of the products and the benefits of their use. Reg was organized and well set up in the store, the Dynavyte products were set up on display and he had a laptop on playback loop that displayed images of before and after photographs of horses treated with Dynavyte and the results were nothing short of amazing. There was a clear and significant difference depicted in each photograph, not only were the horses clearly in better condition, they had put on weight, filled out, their coats were glossy and shiny, they looked healthy. Reg possessed sound knowledge and information in relation of the products, their manufacture and the scientific studies and resource behind the products. He demonstrated great passion for the brand. He was able to answer questions from other customers in relation to differences in products and provide comprehensive comparisons in relation to brands, detailing not only the way the Dynavyte product works, but why it works.

This week has provided an unique opportunity to attend and speak directly with the health experts on hand, providing not only the chance to find out more about the products, ask questions and seek advice, but an opportunity to speak to the staff behind the brand, get a feel for the companies, their beliefs and commitment to the brand.

For further information on Dynavyte products, please contact
Dynavyte at

Horseland Maitland will have their final expert in store this week with Donna from KELATO attending on Saturday from 11:00

Well done to the Team and Horseland Maitland! If you are seeking Dynavyte products, they are available for purchase from Horseland Maitland.

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