Day three of Health Week at Horseland Maitland

Sarah, Catherine, Lauren and the team at Horseland Maitland have continued to deliver today, for day three of health week! If you haven’t been in store this week, drop in and say hello to the team, they have some absolutely amazing specials on offer for health week!

Neely Hopkins from Ranvet was in store at 2.30 pm today, to answer questions and offer advice on products and services. I attended to meet Neely and to seek advice and information in relation to the Ranvet products. Neely specialises in animal health and nutrition technical support, she was very approachable, personable and demonstrated sound product knowledge.

Prior to attending the store today my knowledge of the Ranvet products was limited, I was aware of a number of the products as I had used them, however, I was not aware of the scope of products available. You may recall a service review I undertook on 25 May 2017 for Logan Livestock Insurance Agency, in that I reviewed their services following an injury to one of our horses Amira….19 months on from that injury I am still treating the scar to Amira’s hind leg, I found having Neely on hand in store today to be very beneficial, not only was I able to discuss the injury to Amira and her treatment and set backs to date, I was physically able to show Neely photographs and discuss my concerns, as this scar appears to become somewhat dry and flaky intermittently and I am wanting to stop the injury site from drying out, while trying to reduce the size of the scar and encourage the hair to grow back in that area. Neely was able to recommend a product that will achieve the results I am seeking.

If you have not taken the opportunity to attend and speak to one of the health experts, I encourage you to do so, it is a great opportunity to seek advice, discuss concerns, issues or ailments and gain good insight into the products and services offered by companies. I must say I was impressed with the range of products offered by Ranvet.

For further information on Ranvet products, please contact Ranvet at / or email

Over the coming weeks I will document and treat Amira’s scar and undertake a comprehensive product review of

*White Healer

Horseland Maitland will have other experts in this week to answer your health questions, still to come this week are:

Reg from DYNAVYTE will be here Thursday from 4:30

Donna from KELATO will be here Saturday from 11:00

There are great specials in store as well, so go along and see the team! Well done to the Team and Horseland Maitland and thank you once again for your manner and dedication, you make the shopping experience a pleasant one, it is always good to see you all.

Photographs personal and sourced from Horseland Maitland FaceBook.

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