Rug review – WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1680D

WeatherBeeta Freestyle 1680D Detach-a-Neck Heavy – is the ultimate winter rug, it is waterproof, breathable and highly durable with 1680 denier ballistic nylon outer with Teflon coating. This rug is the optimal in comfort and practicality, it is easy fitting with the quick clip front closure, which is convenient, and adjustable, the neck straps are the velcro with the protective flap cover, they are well fitting and generous in size. The shoulder gussets allow for complete range of movement. The wither area is padded allowing for extra comfort and helps reduce rubbing and pressure in the wither. Depending on what batch you purchase, the polar fleece neck is a versatile detachable style, the polar fleece has a gathered neck which stops any water running down their neck, providing greater protection from the weather. The rug does not appear to retain water in the rain, meaning it does not get heavy on the horse, it is easily cleaned by either wiping it down, or a machine wash and air dry.
If your horse feels the cold, this is definitely the winter rug for you. We originally had two of these rugs, one for each horse, however, Amira out grew hers and she now fits Bailey’s. This is an absolutely amazing rug, top of the line for winter, however, you have to have the horse for it. Amira really feels the cold, she will start to shake to the point of trembling if the weather is cold or if she gets wet and this rug is very well suited to her. Bailey on the other hand normally runs on the warm side and we find this rug is far heavy for him, on the coldest of days, even without the thermal underlay, he is just covered in sweat. The WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium is sufficient enough to meet his needs in the cooler months.
They feature:
• Warmth Outer 100g polyfill – Liner 200g polyfill – strength 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon/Teflon coated outer for premium strength and durability
• Waterproof and breathable
• Cupped shoulder dart / forward positioned gusset for easy movement
• Removable snug fit neck, with an elastic upper, ensure no drips run down their neck
• WeatherBeeta exclusive wither relief pad to help reduce rubbing and pressure in the wither area
• Belly wrap adjustable for warmth and protection
• Comfort cuff at the chest for increased comfort
• Easy fitting with the quick clip front closure, which is convenient, and adjustable
• Adjustable webbing leg straps
• Freestyle shoulder gussets to allow complete range of movement and reduce rubbing
• Full wrap freestyle tail flap for ultimate protection and freedom

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