Ippico – Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set

Review – Ippico (https://www.ippico.com.au) are also based in the beautiful Hunter Valley. We recently purchased a Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set in black, and it was not just the product itself that was outstanding, the service was second to none. I would highly recommend this company to others. They impressed from the first point of contact, following an online inquiry their response was almost immediate, and they were simply a pleasure to deal with. We purchased the Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set online and shortly afterwards, the company made contact with us, advising that they noticed our postal address was also in the Hunter Valley not that far from them, they offered to deliver the product free of charge and refund the postage paid. To be perfectly honest, I have never encountered a company to undertake such measures, and the product was delivered the day after purchase.

The Dolce merino girth cover is made from 100% Australian Sheepskin Fleece. It has a 2cm plush pile that is available in a variety of fleece colours including white, grey, navy, and black, ours is black. It features quality quilting and strong elastic and Velcro, while we have not been required to wash it at this stage, external inquiries detail it to wash and wear extremely well. You will notice from the photographs attached that the sheepskin cover is detachable; it can be washed in cold water with a wool wash liquid, and left to air-dry. The Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set has met our expectations, we were seeking a girth for Bailey, who had become a little girthy and would show signs of obvious discomfort when his girth was tightened. The Dolce Sheepskin Girth Set has overcome those issues Bailey is no longer showing any signs of discomfort. Following use, we simply brush the sheepskin, and air it.

The girth is available in sizes: 55cm, 60cm, 65cm 70cm and 75cm

For more information / or products please contact Ippico at https://www.ippico.com.au


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