The Equestrian Stockholm brand is one of our favourites, this amazing emerald green saddle pad and ear net set always turns heads and receives praising comments whenever worn on Bailey, our stunning Chestnut Thoroughbred. The quality and craftsmanship is simply outstanding. Both products wear well; the saddle pad has super quick dry inner material and shiny dirt repellant outer material. The saddle pad is finished with the Equestrian Stockholm logo along the spine, together with the silver Equestrian Stockholm plaque, a royal blue trim, with twisted silver and royal blue piping, which really complement and bring the rich emerald green to life. The saddle pad has both billet and girth straps that help secure the saddle  pad in place. The matching ear net consists of soft crocheted ear net with elastic cloth by the ears in a deep royal blue, to match the trimming of the saddle pad. It is finished with the same twisted silver and royal blue piping, with an emerald green tip containing the silver Equestrian Stockholm plaque sitting on the forehead. Simply stunning!

Purchased via Equestrian Stockholm, Sweden.

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