Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty Ltd

There is graphic content to the photographs attached.

Firstly, I would like to acknowledge that I am not affiliated with Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty Ltd, and stand to gain no benefit for this review; this is simply a user review on an amazing product.

Upon purchasing our first horse Amira on 25 April 2015, I reviewed a number of livestock insurance providers seeking insurance cover for her. Logan Livestock Insurance Agency Pty Ltd was a provider that was recommended to me and upon review, it provided comprehensive cover that could be tailored to suit my needs, so I purchased Logan Livestock Insurance protection for her. The cover purchased included (god forbid) death and disposal, death cover, and vet fees up to a specified amount. Subsequently, with the purchase of Bailey, the same insurance protection was purchased.

Unfortunately, in January 2016 Amira sustained a cut injury to her rear right leg during the floods (in the Hunter Valley). Fortunately, for me, Logan Insurance Agency were only to happy to assist me with the processing of a claim, they were very easy to deal with and provided me with all of the appropriate claim information, together with a clear explanation of the process, walking me through every aspect of the claim. My assigned claim agent genuinely cared about Amira, her progress and recovery, she maintained telephone contact with me throughout the claim period. We continued to battle with this injury for just over twelve months, as seemingly at three monthly intervals, just when the injury appeared to have nearly completely healed over, the injury site would swell and bust open. Despite the very best of treatment and care, this occurred on three separate occasions and it required a veterinarian consult, surgical procedure and treatment on each occasion. Throughout this period I relied heavily on the professional advice and recommendations of our treating veterinarian Peter Tabak, of Hunter River Veterinary Services and the owner/operator of Sterntaler Equestrian Services, Martina Kovacs. The third and final time it busted open, Peter undertook X-Rays of the area, trying to ascertain if there was something more sinister going on with the injury that was not viewable to the naked eye, or whether Amira was simply playing rough with the other foals. The X-Ray’s detected slight discolouration of the bone at the injury site, Amira was treated with high-level antibiotics, vitamins and supplements, together with continued strapping and restricted movement confined in a holding yard. Eight weeks later the X-Ray process was repeated, and (thank god) Amira received the all clear. The repeated injury was put down to her and rough play. Great news is since this time, she has been agisted in a private paddock with Bailey, she is no longer free to run galloping and bucking at her will throughout a 12 acre paddock with the other yearling’s her age.

The injury to Amira at such a young age was very traumatic; not knowing what to do and how to best treat it was stressful, to say the least. Financially, Logan Insurance Agency made the process easy, I submitted the required injury and progress reports, together with invoices for treatment and receipts for any treatment items purchased, less the $250 excess Logan Insurance paid the claim almost immediately, without question. Our veterinarian Peter Tabak provided treatment, consultation and sound advice as to different treatment options available, and Martina Kovacs provided her never ending advice, support and assistance with treatment and care, together with a friendly ear and a rational voice of reason, at times when I was somewhat distraught. I cannot express enough praise, or thanks, for the ongoing care, support and friendship during this period.

Today, the lingering marks/scar from the injury are still visible, however, with each passing day it is becoming smaller and less noticeable.

On a positive note, due to the injury, Amira has received far more handling then she otherwise would have and for a large unbroken, two year old warmblood, she is handled daily, without issue or concern. She is rugged, unrugged, haltered, lead and groomed without issue, she has a wonderful temperament and a love of people.

There is graphic content to the photographs attached.

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