Update to post of 4 May 2017 – WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium

Update to post of 4 May 2017 – WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium – with the change in the weather, our lovelies, Amira and Bailey have transitioned into their WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Mediums on 13 May 2017. As detailed in the original post, they are an amazing well-fitted rug and the cupped shoulder dart and forward positioned gusset allows for easy movement. Amira’s new rug has the quick clip front closure, which is convenient, and adjustable, and while the other features remain the same as her last rug, the durability of this rug has been a little disappointing. It had its first rip on day two of wear and the second rip by day three. Whereas her last rug, the WeatherBeeta 1200 COMBO in the burgundy lasted the whole season, with one little rip to the side, it appeared to be more durable. Both Amira and Bailey are currently wearing a Kool Coat Cotton Combo Neck II Cream/Burgundy summer rug, purchased from Horseland Maitland for $99.99 (review to follow), with the WeatherBeeta Original 1200D Combo Medium. On warmer days the Combo Medium is removed, however, on the cooler days, we have found them to remain at a comfortable temperature.

The moment Bailey had his rug on he decided to find some dirt/mud to roll in….

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