SWAT Insecticide for horses

We have used a number of products for insect control, predominantly to stop or control fly bites on our horses, and we found SWAT Insecticide for horses to be outstanding in quality. It contains pyrethroid insecticide ‘Permethrin’ in a low-irritant formulation with a high residual efficiency against Buffalo Fly, Stable Fly and Sand-flies. It is ready to use, with no mixing required and the bottle has a split section suction fill, to avoid or minimise product spillage or waste. It is applied to the horse via a wool applicator mitt, with the protection of a plastic under glove. One application, applied sparingly to the legs, rump, wither, ears and back appears to give our horses lasting protection, we find that we are only needing to apply it once weekly. Other horse owners swear by this product to the control “the itch” on their horses, and in conjunction with appropriate rugging significantly reduces, if not eliminates the condition. Neither of our horses have this condition or reaction, however, they do suffer the annoyance of midge bites in general, which can be quite painful. The itch can be caused by an allergic reaction to chemicals in the saliva of the midges, when bitten the horse develops small lumps under the skin, which are intensely itchy, causing the horse to rub, which in turn causes hair loss and skin irritation, which can be quite significant. We purchased SWAT from Horseland at Maitland, in the 500 ml bottle for $99.99 and it is well worth the initial expense. I have not found any negatives to this product it appears to do exactly what is specified in the product description. The product is available in 250 or 500 ml and product information details that the 250ml will provide 2 months protection for 1 horse (8 applications); and the 500ml will provide 4 months protection for 1 horse (16 applications).

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