Roma Treat Ball_


The treat ball is a wonderful idea, the one we have for our lovelies is a Roma Treat Ball purchased from Horseland at Maitland, they are available in an array of colours and can be purchased for around $30 or $40. It assists horses to flex and stretch downwards, which may improve muscle tone and flexibility, it stimulates natural grazing and increases feeding duration to promote healthy digestion. This product is made of high quality, food grade material and it is simulating for the horses to nuzzle it along the ground, or pore at it with their feet, in an attempt to get the treats to come free. We do not leave the treat ball in the paddock unattended, and we tend to put fresh cut up carrots and apple in it as the treats, the only thing, if you choose this option, you need to get the size of the treat correct….if it is to big they do not come out easily, and if they are two small they tend to get caught on the inner lip of the ball. In saying that, you can, if you chose buy an array of packaged treats to go in it.

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